Alocasia Borneo Giant Alocasia Borneo Giant
Alocasia Borneo Giant is commonly mistaken for Alocasia Robusta. Aloscasia Robusta has a bluish look to the leaves as well as the stems. Robusta is a bit hard to grow because it needs more heat and grows much slower. Alocasia Borneo Giant has been thou ... $12.00
Alocasia cucullata Alocasia cucullata
Alocasia cucullata was discovered growing around Buddhist temples in tropical parts of Asia. Grown as a g ... $9.00
Alocasia lauterbachiana Alocasia lauterbachiana
Alocasia lauterbachiana a very odd Alocasia this plant once belonged to in another section of aroids and was later moved into the Alocasia section. It has long dark green leaves with dark gray undersides and maroon stems. ... $18.00
Alocasia Lutea Alocasia Lutea
Alocasia Macrorrhiza (Lutea) This brightly colored Alocasia is a great landscape plant in a great plant to contrast with darker leaves. The petioles and veins are a bright yellow color and sometimes the leaves tend to be ... $18.00
Alocasia Mayan Mask PP24391 Alocasia Mayan Mask PP24391

Alocasia Mayan MaskPP24391 is a new colorful new hybrid produced by Brian Williams. This plant haslarge green

... $12.00
Alocasia portei 'Malaysian Monster' Alocasia portei 'Malaysian Monster'
Alocasia portei (Malaysian Monster) this large growing species has some of the most dramatic foliage in the Alocasia family. The pinnate leaves are long 2 to 3 feet and 2 to 3 feet wide. These large segmented leaves give a very tropical feel. The pe ... $18.00
Alocasia portora Alocasia portora

Alocasia Portora is an incredible hybrid by LariAnn Garner between Portei X Odora. This plant isa must for p

... $12.00
Alocasia sarian Alocasia sarian

Alocasia sarian is a remarkable aroid with large arrowhead shaped leaves, white veins and a slight velvet feel to the leaves. The stems are stripped.

Alocasia Sarian can g ... $12.00

Alocasia Yucatan Princess Alocasia Yucatan Princess

Alocasia Yuccatan Princess is a new release with dark green foliage and dark stems. Growing to 6 feet tall or more. The dark stems contrast well with the foliage and should make for a great container plant or ... $12.00

Alocasia Zebrina 'Reticulata' Alocasia Zebrina 'Reticulata'
Alocasia zebrine (Reticulata) is a very rare plant seldom seen in the wild. A few years ago plants were selling as high as 150.00 for small starts. That was if you could find a grower and get on the waiting list for a sta ... $12.00
Alocasia Zulu Mask NEW Alocasia Zulu Mask NEW
Alocasia Zulu Mask is another fantastic addition to the Masquerade™ series, Zulu Mask is certain to captu ... $12.00