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Bio-Felt is a very useful product for projects such as living walls, vertical gardens, capillary matting, as well as terrariums, vivariums, paludarium, and Wabi Kusa set displays. The felt is a mesh of poly material and organic wool. An expected life of 30 to 50 years plus can be expected from the material. The Bio-Filter material is very durable and tough 1/4 inch thick it holds more water than thinner materials. A good way to explain it’s many uses it to describe it as something similar to a flat compressed material of longfiber sphagnum moss that is much more durable but with similar properties and in large flat usable sheets. I have found that their maybe more uses for this material than one can describe.

Capillary matting:
The material has some wicking effect and has been used as table coverings in greenhouses to bring up humidity and moisture. Great for Gesneriad species which like to be watered from below.

Living wall Vertical Gardens:
Bio-Felt is what I have used in building living walls or vertical gardens for years. Mounted vertically or double layered and cut to produce pockets to place plants into. Adding a pump to keep water circulating from top to bottom provides the best results and allows the Bio-Felt to wick water for an even soak.

Terrariums, Vivariums, Paludariums:
In terrariums Bio-Felt can be used in several different forms. If mounted to the back wall and given mist or drip irrigation, it provides a very natural looking growth media. The entire back wall can become a living wall which can grow mosses and act as a natural filter for your inhabitants and plants. The material can stay constantly moist without falling apart or rotting. Strips of the material can be used along drift wood, logs, rocks and expand foam to produce growing patches for plants. The Bio-felt acts as a sponge and will hold water for in humid environments. Similar qualities to Longfiber peat moss the felt is more compact and easier to use and install and does not fall apart with age.

Wabi Kusa:

As a material used in the art of Wabi Kusa displays. The Bio-Felt has shown to be very useful. I have done several different techniques. Used as a casing for the growth media the wicking effect can help pull much needed moisture to the top of larger displays. Also Bio-Felt strips can be used to wick water onto rocks and other medias used for growing the plants.

The Bio-Felt is 5 foot wide and sold by each linear foot at 20.00 .
For every added quantity another foot is added to the total length. For large orders please contact us.

Photos shows many of the projects were the felt has been used.

If you have any questions email Brian Williams at

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