Philodendron Chumely X Evansii


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Philodendron Chumley X Evansii This amazing hybrid was done by world renown plant collector and breeder Robert Chumley. Robert had collected plants from all parts of the world dealing mainly in Cycads and aroids. Philodendron Chumley is a species he collected but it is still unknown exactly what it is. It looks to be related or a form of Philodendron bipinnatifidum but has curled drooping foliage unlike any seen. I believe Robert collected it off of a cliff in Brazil on one of his plant expeditions in the 70s. It has been looked at by botanist but no name has been currently given the the plant, so it will currently be known as Philo Chumley. Philodendron Chumley is said to be very hardy much hardier than the regular bipinnatifidum species and also extremely rare. I have been growing aroids for 20 years now and I know of only 3 plants in personal collections. In the first photo you can see Mr. Chumley holding a leaf off of philodendron Chumley as well as the second to last photo. Philodendron X Evansii was a older hybrid made by Morgan “Bill” Evans who worked for Disney and was putting together large jungle themed gardens for the park. This hybrid which was thought to be a cross of Philo bippinatifidum and Philo speciosum grows to a huge size with massive leaves and slight pinnate edges (Photo shown as first and last picture). This hybrid Chumley has made should be extremely interesting. I am not sure exactly what to expect from this hybrid. I would think it will look like a large Evansii with possibly larger pinnate edges. I am just not sure yet if and how the re-flexed or drooping foliage will make the hybrid look. I am sure of one thing it will be impressive to watch it grow out and see exactly what it turns into.

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Regular watering