Philodendron Lancelot


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Philodendron Lancelot is a new hybrid developed by Brian Williams of Brian’s Botanicals. This hybrid is a cross between Philodendron bernardopazii Clone #2? and Philodendron renexii (Orthophyllum).? This unique cross of a large hastate climbing philo bernardopazii with the crawling habit of Philo renexii produced a crawling plant with long lance like leaves that produce a nice white vein down the midrib of each leaf. The petioles are maroon in color and leaves may grow to over 2 feet or so long. One of the goals in breeding this plant is that Philo renexii is cold hardier than most Philodendrons and this may be a nice ground cover plant for people in zone 8b or 9. Testing would have to be done to see how hardy this plant maybe. Either way this should make a great house plant and it’s unique lance like foliage should be an interesting addition to the Philo world.

A well rooted plant in a 4 1/2 inch pot. Plant for auction is in the 3 images with the white background.