Amorphophallus paeoniifolius


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Amorphophallus paeoniifolius is a aroid from tropical Asia. The foliage is a large umbrella like foliage on top of a rough green and white speckled petiole. Mature plants can reach around 8 feet tall and the petiole can grow as 1 foot diameter. The flowers are one of the most odd of any I have grown. Often noted as other worldly. The flowers are 1 to 2 feet tall with a large dark maroon brain like spadix surrounded by a large spath that wraps around it. Plants are hardy zone 8-9.

Tubers are sold either bare-rooted or planted in large pots. The tubers softball size to grapefruit size. Limited quantity usually available.

Additional information

Pot Size:

Sold as large tuber Bare-rooted

USDA Hardiness Zone:



6 to 9 feet


4 to 7 feet

Sun Exposure:

Full Sun part shade

Water Requirements:

regular watering well drained.


Species native to Thailand and many tropical and subtropical parts of Asia as a food crop.