Colocasia Pharaoh’s Mask PPAF


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Colocasia Pharaoh’s Mask PPAF is one of those hybrids I have worked years to produce. Breeding off of a single mutation found in a species collected by Hayes Jackson called Col. Dark Star. This species had a odd dark V vein down the center of each leaf. Through breeding with this variety I was able to exaggerate this trait to what we now have in Col. Pharaoh’s Mask.

Colocasia Pharaoh’s Mask PPAF grows to 4 to 5 feet tall. The petioles are dark black and each leaf is dark green with a nice reflective sheen. The main attraction is the highly contrasting black veins that are raised off the leaf. These bulky veins protrude off the leaf giving it a 3D effect. As the leaves mature the center of the leaves push out and the edges pull back giving it a uniquely shape and texture leaf. Colocasia Pharaoh’s Mask PPAF has a clumping habit and does great in containers or in landscapes. A nice cluster of them make for a big impact with the stripped foliage and dark stems that is unlike any elephant ear on the market.

Colocasia Pharaoh’s Mask PPAF can be grown as an aquatic plant or in the ground. Colocasia Pharaohs Mask PPAF is hardy to zone7 and up and will be tested here in zone 6 for hardiness in the near future. Plants do best in full to part sun in rich organic soil. Pharaoh’s Mask PPAF starts off with dark green foliage and a small dark mid-vein as it matures the veins will get more dramatic.


Note: These plants are grown here in water and shipping stress might cause some leaves to turn yellow.

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