Solanum quitoense


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Solanum quitoense is a conversation piece in any garden. This South American native, which can be found from Panama to Columbia, is unlike most plants that I grow. They are fast grows reaching 4 to 5 feet in one season. The foliage is elongated wide leaves with dark purple veins. The most notable feature on the plants are the thorns which are on top and bottoms of the leaves as well as down the stems. Personally I like the thorns as it gives this plant a prehistoric feel and look.? As the plants mature they produce orange round fruit that can be eaten or used in drinks. All other parts of the plant are poisonous Solanums belongs to the nightshade family.

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Pot Size:

4 – 4.5" pot

USDA Hardiness Zone:



3-5 feet


3-5 feet

Sun Exposure:

Full Sun/Part Sun

Water Requirements:

Regular watering


Species South America